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Saddle Guide

A good saddle is the foundation of a good ride. Not sure where to start? No worries. There's a saddle for every rider, and we want to help you to find yours. 

Riding Style

Are you cruising the seawall? Taking your dog on a ride up Mount Seymour? Doing a triathlon? Saddles are designed with an intended use in mind, and you should find one that suits yours.



Riding Position

As your body shifts position, so do the places you need support. In general, the higher the handlebars are relative to the saddle and the more upright you are when you're riding, the wider you'll want your saddle to be and vice versa. The saddle you would want on your dropbar road bike is a lot narrower than the one you'd want on your vintage beach cruiser.



Sit Bones

Many saddle manufacturers label their saddles as "Men's" or "Women's". What this actually refers to is the length of a rider's pelvis (front to back) relative to the width of their sitbones. Men are generalized to have narrow sitbones and long pelvises and women wide sitbones and shorter pelvises, so a "male" saddle is usually longer with a slimmer rear and a "female" saddle shorter with a wider rear.

However, generalisations can never account for everyone. There are women with narrow sitbones, men with short pelvises, and people who don't fit into any of those categories. Saddle fit is personal and makes a big difference in how much fun you have on your bike. We have kept the gendered labels on our saddles here, but please take them for what they're worth: generalisations can be a useful tool, but they're just one tool in your toolkit.