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Bike Repairs & Service

Vancouver’s Bike Repair & Service Shop

We are committed to offering fast, quality bike repair services to commuters and residents in downtown Vancouver. Our highly experienced and friendly staff are here to keep your bike serviced and in shape no matter what kind of biking you do or what kind of bike you ride. Come see us today!

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Convenient Central Location & Hours

Central in downtown on the Hornby Bike Path. Long hours to serve you better

Expert Bike Mechanics For All Your Needs

Talk to our experienced, certified mechanics about your bike’s needs

Same Day Service & Courtesy Bikes

We strive for fast turn around but have quality bikes to lend if your bike takes more time

Free Assessment & Friendly Honest Advice

Drop by or book an appointment. We’re here to help with all your bike service needs

Common Bike Services

Check out our list of common bike repair services most frequently requested by our customers. Don’t see what you’re looking for? Contact us for details and pricing on the bike service you’re looking for.

  • Flat Repair $15
  • Brake Adjustment $15
  • Brake Bleed $35
  • Shifting Adjustment $15
  • Chain or Cassette Install $15
  • Wheel True $25
  • Fender Set-up $45
  • Bike Wash $25
  • Hourly Rate $100
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Free Bike Pick-up Service

If you are short of time and work or live on the downtown peninsula (Downtown, West End, Coal Harbour, Yaletown), we will pick your bike up for a $25.00 fee booked through the button below. If your bike’s repair service is more than $125.00, we’ll waive the fee. It’s that simple.

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Quick Tune (30 min)

This is the tune for bikes that haven’t been ridden in a while and need a professional’s touch to ensure that everything is safe for use again.

  • Frame wipe down and inspection
  • Check torque of all bolts and skewers
  • Brake adjustment, front and rear
  • Shifting adjustment, front and rear
  • Inflate tires to proper pressure
  • Lube chain
  • Test ride

*Parts and installation fee not included

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Minor Tune Up Service (1 hr.)

Gets your bike running smooth. This bike service refreshes your brake and gear systems. We will provide you with a full inspection report of needed repairs and advice for future service.

  • Frame wipe down and inspection
  • Brake adjustment, front and rear
  • Shifting adjustment, front and rear
  • Minor wheel trues, front and rear
  • Hubs and headset bearings checked and adjusted
  • Chain clean and lube
  • Up to 2 cable or pad installations included

*Parts and other installations not included

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Major Tune Up Service (1.5 hr)

This bike service is for treating your bike real nice. The bike wash will get your bike cleaner than you can believe and we do a deep dive into systems that could have hidden problems building.

  • Complete bike wash, on-bike drivetrain cleaning
  • Brake adjustment, front and rear
  • Shifting adjustment, front and rear
  • Wheel trues, front and rear
  • All bearings checked and adjusted
  • Installation of wear items included (tires, brake pads, cables, cassette, chain etc)

*Parts not included

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Deluxe Tune Up Service (2+ hrs)

This is the tune for bikes that haven’t been ridden in a while, with some serious TLC needed. This full bike service will also take into consideration bike repair and replacement parts, with a discount offered on wear items.*

  • Bike wash
  • Drivetrain removed and deeply cleaned in parts washer
  • Brake adjustments, including brake bleed if needed
  • Shifting adjustments, including hanger alignment
  • Major wheel trues, including spoke replacement if needed
  • All bearings checked, adjusted, and greased as needed
  • Installation of wear items included (brake pads, cables, cassette, chain etc)
  • 15% discount on any wear items needed

*Parts not included

Please Note

Our service packages are designed to save you money by grouping services together. Install accessories with a bike service package and save!